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As we can do private label work according to the special needs of our customers, we provide our own brands to domestic or foreign companies according to the demand.

Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is used as an additive in feeds. It is recommended that the live weight gain of lambs consuming soybean meal is higher than that of other meal varieties, the feed consumption required for 1 kg live weight increase and the live weight cost is lower and the use of soybean meal in lamb fattening is recommended. At the end of 56 days of feeding, it provides 12-40% increase in live weight, 10-60% increase in feed utilization rate and a 5.59% reduction in the cost of the amount of feed consumed for 1 kg live weight increase.

The optimum fattening times of 12 months and 6 months old male buffaloes were found to be 126 and 155 days respectively. Feeding with feed industry fattening feed in 7-11 brown aged breed cattle is more profitable than feeding with malt chili in the ration, while there is no difference between feeding two feed rations in buffalo fattening; It was determined that feeding rations containing buffalo malt chili was more profitable for fattening. It has been stated that urea can be used as a protein source in buffalo fattening. Castration had a negative effect on daily starting and feed utilization, and a positive effect on carcass yield and cooling loss in buffaloes.

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