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As we can do private label work according to the special needs of our customers, we provide our own brands to domestic or foreign companies according to the demand.

Sunflower Pulp

The sunflower meal produced during the production of oil from sunflower is offered for sale in bags and in bulk for our animal breeders.

Sunflower seed meal is obtained by grinding the remaining product after oil extraction from whole sunflower seeds by solvent extraction. The nutritional value of sunflower meal varies greatly according to its shelled and unshelled form. If the shell is not separated, the protein ratio of Expeller sunflower meal decreases to 15%, and the cellulose ratio can reach up to 38%.

Sunflower seed meal is a complementary nutrient profile of soybean meal and can create an effective combination in milk and beef cattle rations. 2.5 Kg per day for dairy cows and 6 Kg for beef cattle. It is reported that it has a positive effect on egg yield in laying hens. 15-20% of the crude protein of the broiler mixes and 30-35% of the laying hens can easily be obtained from sunflower meal.

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