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Corn Silage

The feed value of maize silage varies greatly according to the maturity of the corn grain, the rate of cob and dry matter content. The best harvest time of maize to be silaged is the period when the grains complete the milk ripening period and enter dough maturity and the humidity drops to 65-70%. This moisture content is obtained 2-3 weeks before the plant reaches its maximum dry grain weight. When the humidity in the whole plant is 65%, the moisture of the cob is 48% and the grain moisture is around 44%. The contribution of grain to the yield is around 35-40%The harvested corn is filled into the silo pits as soon as possible and compacted with the help of a tractor. Since plant cells do not die during silage, they consume the oxygen in the environment and produce carbon dioxide. In addition, the loss of nutrients decreases with the fermentation that occurs as a result of the other microorganisms in the environment increasing their activities. For this reason, the silage corn material should be well compacted without waiting too long and the early growth of lactic acid bacteria, which is necessary for the production of quality silage, should be encouraged. The tightly compressed material is covered with a special plastic cover so that it is not airtight. The silo becomes ready for use within 1. 5-2 months after being closed. Corn silage is an important roughage material for dairy cattle. 6-10 tons of silage can be obtained from 1 decare.

There is not much need for additives in maize silage. Urea can be added to increase the protein ratio of the silage and salt can be added to accelerate the fermentation. Due to its fermenting feature, corn is used as an additive in the production of silage of plants that are rich in protein and cannot be silaged alone.

Maize; It is first shredded together with the stems, leaves and cobs. The greater the fragmentation, the more successful the siloting will be. The protein ratio and digestibility of the dry matter are high in the forms made in the milk death cycle. However, in recent studies, it has been observed that the yield, digestibility of the dry matter and consumption by animals increased despite the decrease in the protein ratio in the forms made during the dough maturation period.

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