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The vetch plant is an annual forage legume with approximately 150 species. The homeland of this plant is the Mediterranean, Asian and European countries. It is not known when the vetch species were cultivated. There are types of vetch that grow naturally in our country. Vetch species have wide adaptability. For this reason, it is widely grown in Mediterranean countries, central and northern parts of Europe, the United States and Middle Eastern countries.

Vetch is a forage legume plant with high grass yield and good nutritional value. Vetch species are generally grown in our country to obtain roughage. However, since its seeds contain high protein, it is grown for concentrate feed. The herb obtained from the vetch plant does not cause swelling in animals. Approximately 12-20% crude protein, 6-10% crude ash, 25-26% crude fiber and 45-46% nitrogen-free core material are present in the vetch harvested at the beginning of flowering period. The vetch plant grown in our country is used to obtain green or dry grass, to obtain grain feed, as a green fertilizer plant, as a pasture plant and as a silage plant.

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