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This miraculous food consumed in the form of raisins has great benefits for the skin and body. There is more unknown information about this food, which is a panacea. We will touch on these questions that are curious about the benefits of raisins and the damages of raisins. While giving information about the benefits of black raisins, we will also answer the question of how much black raisins should be consumed. Here are the details.


* Dried grapes prevent anemia, make blood
* Helps Lose Weight
* Thanks to the antioxidant properties of raisins, it strengthens the immune system and prevents upper respiratory tract diseases.
* This dried, healing food prevents cancer formation and plays an important role in the healing of cancerous cells.
* This miraculous food, rich in copper and magnesium, helps strengthen bones.
* It strengthens the nerve cells of raisins and prevents forgetfulness.
* It reduces blood pressure and balances blood pressure.

Calories and nutritional value of raisins

Raisins (30 grams) are 91 calories.
Raisins (30 grams) contain 92% Carbohydrate, 4% Protein, 4% Fat.

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