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Prunes are the sun-dried form of plum species that make mouth watering and appetite every time its name is mentioned. Being rich in vitamin K, plum has become a very popular food in its dry form. Prunes are beneficial to people in diet nutrition, work and school snacks, before sports and in many other places. The plum, which is consumed freshly on summer days, takes place in the kitchens in its dry form in all seasons. Those who make sweets and cookies, those who prefer it as a snack during the diet process are very sincere with prunes.

Prune Calories and Nutritional Value

Prune is a food that calms and energizes your instant hunger of the day. We seem to hear you say how many calories prunes contain. Now let's answer the question and calculate the prunes are full of calories:

* How many calories in 1 prune: 26 calories
* 1 cup of prunes: 261 calories
* 1 handful of prunes: 78 calories
* 50 grams of prunes: 131 calories

We can continue to feed:

56.47 grams of Carbohydrate
3.32 grams of Protein
1.11 grams of Fat
* 9.41 grams of fiber
* 11 mg Sodium
* 1218 mg of Potassium
* 78 mg of Calcium
* 304 iu of vitamin A
* 22.15 mg of vitamin C
* 2.44 Iron

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