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As we can do private label work according to the special needs of our customers, we provide our own brands to domestic or foreign companies according to the demand.


Clover, which is one of the most important forage crops, has a very high feed value. For this reason, alfalfa is among the most commonly grown forage crops in the world. Clover is generally used as dry grass in animal feeding. In recent years, alfalfa silage making has also become widespread. It is also found that alfalfa is offered for consumption in pellet and flour form. In addition to these, alfalfa is also used as a cover plant and green fertilizer against erosion.

Alfalfa is rich in protein, calcium and other minerals, and vitamins B, C, D, E and K.

Clover is a flowering legume forage plant that can be used as a perennial, green and dry grass. Its grass yield is high and it can be formed between 3-8 in a year, depending on the regions. It positively affects the physical and chemical properties of the soil where alfalfa is grown.

Alfalfa is a delicious, high energy and protein food source for dairy cattle. Thanks to the bacteria in its roots, it increases the nitrogen level of the soil as well as providing feed production with high protein content in soils with insufficient nitrogen. Having a very strong root structure increases its durability, especially in drought periods.

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